Anton Kobelev

An aspiring actuary and tech/internet enthusiast.


Hi, my name is Anton Kobelev and welcome to my vanity page. The purpose of this page is to act as a definitive resource for all things me on the internet, as well as to give me some Google juice on the web.


I was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and immigrated with my parents to Toronto, Canada in 1999. I also lived in San Diego, USA for one year in 1998.

I previously worked in corporate finance/merchant banking in Toronto. I've lived in Dublin, Ireland with my wife, where I worked at AXA MPS Financial Ltd. as an actuary-to-be from 2009 to 2013. I now live in Boston, Massachusetts.

Where to find me

If you know me personally, you can find me on Facebook. If you know me professionally, you can find me on LinkedIn. I am also on Twitter, but have not found any use for that yet.

Feel free to read my blog and you can access my private photo album here.

I am the founder of The Actuarial Startup actuarial blog where I humorously dispense productivity, career development and inspirational advice to actuarial students and recently qualified actuaries.

Feel free to write me at anton DOT kobelev AT gmail DOT com

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